Pi Wars – the International Raspberry Pi robotics competition

PI Wars UCSD Team Sign Ups Now Open!


What is Pi Wars?

When & Where

Event Dates and Location

Pi Wars is an international, challenge-based robotics competition in which teams build Raspberry Pi-controlled robots and then compete in non-destructive autonomous and remote-controlled challenges. Taking place over one weekend early next spring, the competition features teams of middle and high school students. The competition takes place at the University of Cambridge, UK and the University of California, San Diego!

Competition Dates: March 4–5, 2023

After an almost three-year hiatus, the Pi Wars Robotics Challenge at the University of California, San Diego is back! Begin thinking about your dream team and ask your friends to join your team!

Pi Wars Team Will be getting started beginning December 3, 2022! We are pleased to announce that we have nine teams participating this year!

Pi Wars UCSD Team Blogs

Pi Wars UCSD teams are encouraged to blog their experience gearing up to competition day! Creating a blog not only gains your team additional points, it also shares your team’s achievements and helps you record your progress!  More information will be shared at our initial information session!


Check Out This Great Raspberry Pi Resource!

When you begin setting up your Raspberry Pi, please remember this resource! Here is a great guide to help! From the makers of the MagPi Official Raspberry Pi Magazine, this Get Starting with Raspberry Pi Free Download is ideal for beginners and contains everything you need to get started with Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi Set Up Instructions

Having trouble getting your Raspberry Pi set up? This document provides detailed instructions to help you! Take a look at these step-by-step set up instructions!


Are You Ready to Begin Programming?

Python and Linux are the two programs loaded on the Raspberry Pi you get with your order. Here are several resources to help get you familiarized with Python and Linux!

ThinkPython is a great book with all things Python!

This Python interactive website includes a built-in compiler you can test yourself within the website itself!

A Linux tutorial is available here!

Here is the link to freely download Python compiler/interpreter for either Windows or Mac.


Opportunities for More Points and Prizes

There are additional opportunities to gain more points which increase your overall score. These are:

  • Blogging– in which your pre-event exploits are described in words, videos are shot and photographs are taken. For complete details on creating the blog, please follow this link.
  • Technical Merit – in which robot features, build quality and other technical aspects are scored by an expert judge on the day of the competition.
  • Artistic Merit – in which the design of the robot and other aesthetic aspects are scored by an expert judge on the day of the competition.
  • Most Disastrous Robot – in keeping with our theme for this year, the Special Award for the competition goes to the robot that has the design most influenced by disasters. This can be natural, man-made or movie-style disasters, or even a combination of all of these types! It also includes “responses to disaster” such as rescue vehicles and the like.


A Sneak Peek at Pi Wars UCSD Challenges

We would never task you with creating a robot without sharing the Pi Wars UCSD challenges. Please take a look at the challenges and keep them in mind when creating your robot this year.

A BIG thank you to Pi Was UK, creator and host of this wonderful competition at the University of Cambridge, for allowing UCSD to host this robotics challenge for the first time in the United States.